Nigerians have continued to express frustrations with the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari as they believe that the ‘change’ which he promised is yet to materialise.

One of such people who expressed their angst at President Buhari is a man who spoke with correspondent in Agege area of Lagos state, where he lamented bitterly about the state of things in the country.

The man put his head on the railing to show that he did not tell lies about him trekking from Mowe to Victoria Island. Photo: Ufuoma Gift Oke

In an explosive response to the question about the present state of the nation, the man whose identity could not be confirmed as at the time this vox pop was carried out, noted that the Nigerian government has to do something about the suffering of the people.

“How can you work and not get paid? No work, no money, I am telling you what is happening,” he began in the local pidgin English.

Asked what he things the federal government should do to eradicate the challenges, the man said: “they should help us. See, if they don’t do anything for us, we go dey rob o… unless if they do something”

The man still looked unperturbed by the prospects of being caught if he gets involved in armed robbery and when our correspondent tried to remind him of the danger, he remained adamant.

According to him: “Let them sentence me to life jail and let me go. I already have four children and a wife at home.”

Nigerian man says he will carry gun if he does not see change in 2 months

I will carry gun if I don’t see any change after two months. Photo: Ufuoma Gift Oke.

From the man’s gesticulations, it was getting more apparent that he had been through a lot of hardship before being interviewed, as he openly told of how he trekked long distances due to his cashless state.

With his heads on the railings on the road, he swore that “I trekked from Mowe to VI, if I lie, see…

“If in the next two months, there is no change, I will carry gun, I’ve told you. Tell government, if they don’t repent with the way things are presently going, they will see militants in Lagos state.”

Click to watch full video:


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