Is diz Fashion or Madness: see as a young lady dressed publicly

Latest fashion trends have gone really wild and obscene sometimes making it difficult to ascertain the mental state of the individuals putting on these weird clothing.

An unnamed lady as seen in the picture above left a little to the imagination with the flagrant exposure of her body at a social gathering where some men were drinking alcohol at the background.

The cloth she wore can be attributed to one of the ills of globalization aggravating r*pe cases as well as other amoral actions among youths who at times behave irrationally under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Most of these fashion trends are adopted from celebrity music videos and films from the Western society and have been incorporated into the African way of life.

The details about the identity of the lady as well as the location of the the pictureexpo-cloth taken remain sketchy. It appears the young lady was so comfortable in her body-baring outfit.

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