Is Blac Chyna Pregnant for Rob Kardashian Again?

s that what we think it is? Blac Chyna uncharacteristically hid her figure underneath baggy clothing on Feb. 19, exposing what COULD be a baby bump and leaving some fans to believe she’s pregnant once again — just 3 months after welcoming baby Dream! Could Rob Kardashian be the dad?


What?! Is Blac Chyna, 28, actually pregnant again? A new report from Media Takeout claims that she is, and it’s all because of a pic that was snapped on Feb. 19 as Chyna arrived at her BFF Amber Rose‘s son’s fourth birthday party. The reality star was seen rocking an Adidas sweatsuit featuring an oversized top and comfy track pants, but she also seemed to be sporting something else — an unusually rounder middle!

Blac Chyna, who’s been trying to change her name to Angela KARDASHIAN, gave birth to Rob Kardashian’s daughter Dream on Nov. 10, 2016. Since then, Chyna and Rob have been having all sorts of issues of whether or not they should stay together.

If this baby is his, then maybe. If it’s not Rob’s second child

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