2nd victim rescued from jumping into Lagos Lagoon, says she wants to see GOD

Just days after Dr Allwell Ojri jumped into the Lagos Lagoon and drowned and few hours after a woman, Mrs. Abigail Ogunyinka tried jumping but was rescued by fishermen, another woman Taiwo Momoh, 58, was also about to jump into the Lagoon and die but for police intervention.

The case of the women all happened on Friday.

The second woman, Mrs Momoh was rescued by Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command.

Explaining why she wanted to kill herself, Momoh said she wanted to put an end to her constant sleeplessness and shame arising from her indebtedness to three Swiss textile dealers.

According to the police, Mrs Momoh, a textile dealer in Lagos Island, who lives in Lekki had already pulled off her shoes, wrapper and was about jumping into the lagoon when she was rescued.

Giving further details into why she wanted to commit suicide, she said that her problem started sometime in 2015 when a Bureau de Change dealer stole the N18.7million she wanted to pay her foreign creditors with.

“As you are seeing me like this, well dressed, you would think am living fine. But in my heart is a heavy burden. A burden of huge debt, disappointment from trusting people and abandoned by a son I love and bought a car for. I am a moving corpse.


“I don’t want to use my debt and death to disturb anybody. I was in the shop this morning. I have looked everywhere and estimated what is there.

“I think, with my house, a bungalow, those I am leaving behind can still live comfortably. I want to go and meet God. This world is empty. I won’t because I want to get rich join cult group. I go my way and I don’t socialise unnecessarily.

“I was a Muslim, I have, because of this problem, been jumping from one faith to the other. The problem is too much for me to bear. I want to go back to God.

“That is why I have dressed very simply. I am ready to meet Him. If He cannot address my problem on earth, let me go back to Him,” she said.

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