Stephanie Otobo’s Mother & Sister Beg Apostle Suleman for Forgiveness in Church (Photos)

The mother of Canadian-based accuser of Apostle Johnson Suleman and sister have gone to Suleman’s church to beg for forgiveness.

Stephanie Otobo’s mother and sister kneeling down to beg Apostle Johnson Suleman
In order to avert the wrath of God, the mother of Stephanie Otobo was at Omega Fire Ministries in Auchi to beg Apostle Johnson Suleman on behalf of her daughter during today’s service.
She begged the man of God to forgive her daughter because she wants her daughter and family to be safe.
While responding, the man of God promised not to discuss the issue again as he has already forgiven her. He cautioned Stephanie Otobo to be wary of the lawyers backing her as they are prone to lead her astray.
“Tell the world what she has done. I have nothing against her. I have forgiven her.” Suleman said.

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